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Hello All - I am in the midst of renovating my basement. I have decided to install finished on-site engineered hardwood. My contractor recommended that I install a subfloor (5/8th inches) above dimple board. I noticed that he is pre-drilling through the concrete every 16 and inserting a 3 tapscon screw. I am far from an expert in home renovations, let alone subfloor installs, but should he be drilling all the way through the concrete slab? I am concerned about a few things: (1) water penetration, (2) cracks in the slabs given the number of holes I have now, and (3) loose screws given there is nothing in front of the screw now. Should he not just drill a little more than the length of the screw, vacuum the excess powder and screw the tapscon in? Appreciate your thoughts on this. thanks
Category: Flooring Post By: SHERRI GARNER (Fort Myers, FL), 02/23/2019

Any moisture barrier you had is now gone. He is doing it wrong.

- ASHLEY PETERSON (West Covina, CA), 04/13/2019

Thanks. But it is a fixed system as opposed to a floating system so he does have to nail/screw through the concrete. Are you saying the fact that he went all the way though is wrong? Or screwing into concrete through the dimple board is wrong? thanks again

- MARIE MITCHELL (Kalamazoo, MI), 05/17/2019

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