Forum Title: Installing new hardwoods on plank subfloor
Hello - we've recently purchased a home and have begun renovating. We've decided to replace the engineered floors from a previously added-on room with 2-1/4 white oak unfinished hardwoods. We removed the engineered hardwoods and discovered a layer of MDF. We then removed the MDF and discovered ~6 plank subfloor. The plank subfloor is in good condition with little/no gaps. The house is on a crawlspace, which has a vapor barrier laid down (but does seem like it can get fairly damp). The plank subfloor runs diagonally across the room. I've read that you need to install hardwoods perpendicular to the planks, and if that's not possible you need to lay a sheet of plywood over those planks. With these planks running diagonally, does anyone think it would be an issue to lay the new hardwoods straight across (without a new plywood layer), creating a ~45 deg angle from the plank subfloor? FWIW, the joists supporting the plank subfloor do run perpendicular to how we plan to run the new hardwoods. We'd prefer not to add a layer of plywood so that we can keep this room level with the rest of the house. The current plan (assuming this won't be an issue), is to lay Aquabar underlayment over the plank subfloor and nail down the new white oak hardwoods directly over that. Any thoughts / comments are appreciated. I'm new to all of this, so if anyone has any additional tips/words of wisdom given what we're planning to do, those are also very much appreciated. Thank you! I've attached a picture for reference which should help give a better idea.
Category: Flooring Post By: SHIRLEY ROBINSON (Paterson, NJ), 02/15/2019

Those planks are the subfloor. I have the same in my house built in the 50's. You want to lay the wood perpendicular to the floor JOIST. If you cover the subfloor you want to put down 15lb roofing felt or the like. But I would add a layer of ply down first. My house had hardwood shorts and they squeeked to beat heck. I don't know why as they only had 1 finish nail in each board. I put hardwood back with the plyqwood and no squeeks. Daris

- CHAD GEORGE (South San Francisco, CA), 05/08/2019

We're trying to avoid laying down a layer of plywood so that we can keep this new floor (which will be the new kitchen) even with the rest of the house. Outside of that, though - it sounds like you're saying it doesn't matter at what angle the new floors sit on top of the plank subfloor, it only matters that the new floors run perpendicular to the joists that support the subfloor. If that's the case, it sounds like we're fine to just lay the hardwoods directly over this plank subfloor (with an underlayment in between). Any other thoughts/comments? Again like I said I'm new to the flooring game so if it sounds like I may be leaving out any important details or steps, your input is much appreciated!

- TODD SANDERS (Flagstaff, AZ), 05/01/2019

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